Banff activity La Petite Watson Bowling

Have a spare afternoon in Banff? Go bowling at High Rollers!

About a month ago during our mountain adventure, we discovered this retro-style bowling alley tucked in along Banff’s main street. A neon sign lead us downstairs into a modern spin on an old favourite activity. We took advantage of the $5 an hour per person Monday special for bowling. My excitement about visiting this place was not just about the bowling; I had heard stellar reviews about their pizza too! With our lane, we had a booth with two tables that were pizza ready. We had so much fun with this Banff activity!

Banff activity La Petite Watson Bowling

Before throwing our first ball we ordered up a couple 10-inch pizzas, BBQ Chicken and a Sicilian, with a strawberry milkshake. The pizza crusts were just the right thickness with distinct toppings. The Sicilian featured spicy sliced meatballs and pepperoncini peppers and the BBQ Chicken had pulled chicken in a sweet BBQ sauce. My strawberry milkshake had great texture and was topped with picture perfect whipped cream.

Banff activity La Petite Watson Bowling

I had never played ten pin bowling before so it took a few throws to determine which weight of ball I preferred. The nice part about bowling here was the digital scoreboard did all the math for us! This way I could focus on the important things, like eating pizza, taking pictures, and bowling!

Banff activity La Petite Watson Bowling

During our hour, we played out two games and almost finished our pizzas. I had such a great time and it was a fantastic afternoon activity. I may not have won the game, but with pizza that good, everyone wins. This place is perfect if you are looking for a Banff activity during the afternoon or a night!

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A great Banff, Alberta activity Bowling at High Rollers, read all about it on La Petite Watson

High Rollers

110 Banff Ave, Banff, AB

(403) 762-2695


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