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Visit Old Strathcona & discover 5 made in Edmonton ice creams

Hot summer days and nights are in full swing! When temperatures rise up to 30C plus, I start daydreaming about cold, delicious ice cream. The Old Strathcona area offers many made-in-Edmonton ice creams and gelatos that you can chill out with. See below for my list of Five made-in-Edmonton ice creams & gelatos found in Old Strathcona.


Revolution Ice Cream Co.

This Edmonton-based company got into the ice cream game last year and have been taking the city by frosty storm. They can be found at different city markets selling exciting flavours infused with local beers, herbs, and fruits. In Old Strathcona, their products can be found at Situation Brewing Company and London Tea Bar.

London Tea Bar exclusively features Berry Hibiscus as well as Milk Oolong, both made from teas found in-store. I stopped by and tried both of them. If you love vanilla ice cream then you should taste the Milk Oolong. It starts out creamy with vanilla, finishing with an earthy nut flavor. The Berry Hibiscus is true to its name, tasting of berries with hibiscus. Both ice creams are light with a soft sweetness. The exclusive flavors change regularly, so pop over soon to try these two out.

*London Tea Bar is now closed but you can still find Revolution Ice Cream Co. at Situation Brewing Company or it can be delivered right to your door with Spud.


Foothills Creamery

Edmonton Ice Creams

This classic Western Canadian creamery has been around for 48 years and creating ice cream in Edmonton since 1995. They make over 80 different kinds of icy treats. They can be found at Old Strathcona Antique Mall, which features 16 different flavors. We checked them out on a hot, windy evening. It was perfect; we got to eat our ice cream while browsing the vintage jewelry. We tried the Saskatoon Berry, Pistachio Almond, and Cherry Cheesecake; every flavor was delicious!

For the past 23 years, What’s the Scoop has also been serving up Foothills Creamery. The flavors they offer change with the season. Stop by and try this summer’s favorites; Just Peachy, Cinnamon Twist, and Shark Attack (a mix of raspberry and vanilla ice cream with a raspberry ribbon swirl).


Block 1912 – House made Gelato

Edmonton Ice Creams

Block 1912 has been creating gelato with a true Italian gelato machine for the past 4 years. They offer many creative and adventurous flavours; Vanilla Rolo, Black Sesame Seed Aloe, and Blue Hawaii. When creating all their flavours they use as many local ingredients as possible.

Block 1912 looked so inviting when I strolled in on a Saturday night, its big bay windows opening up the café to the Avenue. I love the atmosphere at Block 1912. It’s filled with vintage furniture and softly lit with strings of Edison light bulbs.

The Banana Chocolate Chip, just like its name, was full of banana flavour and loaded with chocolate chips. It was reminiscent of the banana marshmallow candies from my childhood. The Blackberry was lightly sweet and tasted like fresh berries. The Lavender London Fog had a soft, light flavour with the scent of lavender. Block 1912 house-made gelato is a delicious must-try.


DaVinci Gelato

Edmonton Ice Creams

This delicious company produces out of St Albert. They started at local Edmonton markets and now sell commercially. If you have a hankering for Da Vinci Gelato in Old Strathcona, you can find them at Famoso, K&K Foodliner (here you can take home a tub of dairy free and vegan), Have Mercy Southern Table and Bar, and coming soon to Remedy Café with vegan chocolate and other sorbets. The bulk of their ingredients are locally sourced, especially the fruits and berries. The Saskatoon berries, strawberries, and rhubarb found in their flavours come from Brix’N Berries in Leduc.

Their refreshing treats have been at Famoso for almost 2 years now. Seasonally, every 6 months, they change one gelato and sorbet. This summer they are serving up 6 types of gelatos and 2 sorbets. We chose the Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate to share. The texture is delightfully like a frozen dark chocolate mousse with hints of salted caramel. This gelato pairs perfectly with Famoso’s patio.


Da Capo – House made Gelato

Edmonton Ice Creams

I have always loved Da Capo’s crisp clean white look, and come here often. They serve up my favourite Caffé Mocha in the city, it has a rich dark chocolate syrup made in-house. With this in mind, when I spied the Extra Dark Chocolate gelato I immediately knew I had to try it. Da Capo makes all of their 15 gelatos and 3 sorbets in-house. They offer many classic Italian flavours including Tiramisu, Nutella, and Pistachio. Along with fresh summer ones made with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

We each got a single scoop in a waffle cone; trying the Extra Dark Chocolate (of course!) and Raspberry Gelato. Both cones were just the right thickness with no space for gelato to leak out of the bottom. The raspberry was full of flavour with just the right mix of sweet and tart. The chocolate was thick, rich, and silky smooth. We enjoyed them both, trading back and forth; together the flavours made a great combination.

Edmonton Ice Creams
Old Strathcona Antique Mall

There are so many great ice cream and gelato producers that call the Edmonton area home. They make their icy treats with a style and flair all their own; Revolution Ice Cream Co.’s soft light tea infused found at London Tea Bar, Foothills Creamery with their decades of experience and skills, Block 1912’s creative and inventive flavors, Da Vinci Gelato’s locally sourced fruits and berries, and Da Capo’s deep rich flavors. With so many different kinds it’s hard to choose a favourite. I think I will need more data points in order to decide. With just under two months left of summer, I better get started and order more cones of deliciousness.


Keep calm and cool with more YEG ice cream

To see more icy treats in Edmonton click here to hop over to Linda’s blog post, 10 cold treats to beat the heat in Edmonton. I am drooling over Pineapple Whip from Yeh! Frozen Yogurt & Cafe at West Edmonton Mall. I know what my weekend ice cream plans will be. Which one will be your new favourite?

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