Board N Brew Cafe

A night out at Board N Brew Cafe

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to visit the Board N Brew Cafe for the first time. We’ve been to a number of other board game cafes in Edmonton and Calgary. I love getting to check out new cafes and see what games they have. The Board N Brew Cafe opened in downtown Edmonton earlier this year and features a collection of over 700 games; I figured we would find some we haven’t played before.

Board N Brew Cafe

The first thing I noticed when we walked in was their atmosphere. The main room was brightly lit with white walls and large tables lined with comfy booths. Once we sat down a server greeted us, set up our tabs ($5 to play all day), and explained if we had any questions a Game Master could help us out, then he left us to decide on drinks.  Their food and drink menus are full of local items. On tap, they have Situation, Yellowhead, and Alley Kat beer. In their lattes, they use Phil & Sebastian’s Alberta Roasted beans. My favourite local item on their menu is Battista’s Calzones.

Board N Brew Cafe

To get started, I had a London Fog and everyone else ordered a round of beers. For dinner, I had Battista’s Aloha Calzone and JC got the Chicken and Waffles. I really enjoyed my meal, but I always love Battista’s Calzones. JC’s meal was delicious; the chicken was moist and flavorful. Most of all I liked that we had a server taking our food orders at the table, it made it easy for us to get drinks and snacks without pausing the game.

Board N Brew Cafe

Since it was a work night, we only stayed for a few hours. All the games we choose were short and quick. We started with “Tsuro”; an easy tile-based game while we ate. After that, we tried “Escape: Zombie City”, similar to the original game “Escape!” but with more rules and zombies. Then we picked a version of Munchkin we have never played before,”Munchkin Treasure Hunt”. It was quick, easy, and the board changed up our usual game strategy.

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Board N Brew Cafe in Edmonton has a great selection of local beer and food with over 700 games to play.

We will definitely be going back. Being able to order food at our table was really convent. Also, I really liked their style with the Scrabble words decorating the walls, all the large playing tables, the selection of board games, and of course, the Calzones.

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