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Visiting Seoul? Learn how to make a custom perfume.

In the Spring I visited South Korea for two weeks. While I spent most of my time in Seoul, I also visited Busan for a few days. I loved everything about South Korea; the things I saw, tasted, and experienced were incredible! Throughout the year I will be doing a series of posts about my trip. Check out the full series under the tag Lea In Korea. When I was there I got to make my own custom perfume. If you are interested in making a custom Seoul perfume, then you need to visit Aromind in Seoul, Korea. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing experience!

I have always wanted a custom perfume made from all my favorite aromas. In a traditional house located beside Bukchon Hanok Village, I got my chance. In a calming atmosphere, Lina teaches visitors how to prepare a personalized scent.

When I arrived at her house I removed my shoes and was welcomed by a warm smile with a cup of green tea. The class size was comfortably small with only four of us there to learn. Lined up in front of us were rows of essential oil bottles.

custom Seoul perfume

We started out by learning the difference between perfume classifications including Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. She went through each scent, putting a drop of oil on a strip of paper, sampling the fragrances by their type. I labeled and rated the fragrances based on preference on a scale of 1 to 5.  

Once I picked my favorites, I fanned them in front of my face, previewing the scent they would create. I mixed and matched different ones until I found a combination that was pleasing. Drinking and smelling the green tea helped my nose from becoming overwhelmed with all the fragrances floating in the room.

custom Seoul perfume

When it was time to measure out the alcohol and oils, time seemed to slow down as the drops slowly changed the numbers on the scale. At the end, we all proudly posed for photos with our finished bottles of perfume.

Lina was a fantastic teacher. She helped us learn, sampled our perfumes, give suggestions as needed, and she made sure to capture the magic as it happened with our phones. It was an experience I will never forget.

custom Seoul perfume


Check out the class at Airbnb experiences link Aromind. The two-hour class included a full size and travel size custom perfume for only $70 Canadian. 

Be sure to check back next month for a new post in my series on Korea. Click here to see full series to date.

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Create your own perfume in Seoul Korea with Aromind through Airbnb experiences

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