Experiencing Korean BBQ

Experiencing Korean BBQ is a Tourist Must

The Experience

Korean BBQ, Chicken Dakgalbi, and cast iron seared Pork Belly all have one thing in common, besides being delicious; they cook it at your table. There is something meditative about having meat cooked over an open flame and watching it be carefully turned over as it browns. It’s reminiscent of those fireplace TV shows that play around Christmas time. I have a hard time peeling my eyes away even though I know how it ends; with perfectly grilled meat in my belly.

Experiencing Korean BBQ
Seared Pork Belly at 하남돼지집 Hanam Pig House

I felt like I was seated at a chef’s table every time we went to one of these places. Take note; at some places, you tend to the BBQ yourself, but most places grill the meat for you. So, there is no need to touch it unless it’s ready to eat – Jean-Claude learned this after watching the strips of pork he just added to the fire quickly get removed by a server with a look of disapproval on his face.

These restaurants proudly serve a wide variety of fresh and pickled side dishes with your meal. I loved how unique they could be from place to place. Be sure to try the peppery sesame leaves (perilla) to wrap your tasty bites of meat in!

Experiencing Korean BBQ
Chicken Dakgalbi at Yoogane 요가네 in Hongdae, Seoul

Where We Ate

Chicken Dakgalbi at Yoogane 요가네 in Hongdae, Seoul.

Seared Pork Belly at 하남돼지집 (Hanam dwe-ji jib) or loosely translated to “Hanam Pig House” in Busan we tried, as part of a restaurant chain.

* Hanam Pig House 하남돼지집 & Yoogane 요가네; both are chain restaurants with locations found throughout South Korea.

See our food experiences at all three places in the video below



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 Experiencing Korean BBQ is a Tourist Must. Read all about my Korean food experience here. - Lea in Korea La Petite Watson

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