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Meatco local Alberta Meat

Looking for local Alberta meat? Steaks, sausages, pepperoni sticks and more; you can find it at Meatco. This butch shop is a staple in Wainwright, Alberta. Locals heading out of town to visit relatives stop at this place first to stock up on requested delicious morsels of meat.

A few weekends ago we were in Wainwright visiting family. Just before we headed out the door, they suggested that we swing by Meatco on the way home. With a name like Meatco, how could we resist?

Meatco local Alberta Meat We pull into the dirt parking lot in front of a big white building with a bright red sign that can’t be missed. The first thing I noticed as I walked in was the glass case with the coveted pepperoni sticks straight ahead. Each only a dollar a stick and 6 kinds to choose from; honey garlic, hickory, beer, honey mustard, teriyaki, and original. The other walls were filled with standing glass-door freezers.

Meatco local Alberta Meat

We were greeted with a friendly, ‘hello, what can I get for you’. I immediately floated towards the pepperoni sticks. We had just finished eating a big meal, but suddenly I was hungry all over again.  The aroma of smoky meat danced in the air and my stomach was following its rhythm. Our intention was to buy a few pepperoni sticks for the road, but our shopping list grew bigger as we looked around. Our final arm full included 1 package of cheese sausages, two steaks, a package of 20 frozen beef patties, and countless pepperoni sticks of every kind. With meat looking that good and sold with a friendly smile, it was hard to stop adding items to our pile.

With big goofy smiles and our bag of loot, we headed back to the car. Inside we quickly tore into the pepperoni. I tried the honey garlic, it was lightly sweet with just a touch of smokiness. Jean-Claude had a hickory, it had a prominent smoky flavor. The perfect road trip snack.

Meatco local Alberta Meat If your travels take you past Wainwright be sure to stop in and get some snacks for the road. If you want to get some of their yummy cuts of meat, bring a cooler with you and stock up.


Meatco is located at 102 17 set, Wainwright, AB

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