Edmonton Train Food Experience

Edmonton Train Food Experience at Footloose Caboose

A couple weekends ago, we (myself, JC, and our friend Courtenay) took a mini road trip 40 minutes east of Edmonton to have brunch inside an old 1909 train car at the Footloose Caboose. Driving there through the countryside’s winding roads, as it changes from pavement to dirt made me feel like we were embarking on an epic adventure. Keep reading to learn all about this Edmonton Train Food Experience.

1 Edmonton Train Food Experience La Petite Watson

Brunch details

One quick look at the menu, we all decided immediately on the benny. I went with the regular eggs benny, which came with a thick tasty piece of ham on an English muffin with a side of fried sliced potatoes. JC and Courtenay both got the Cowboy Benny which featured a thick piece of spiced salami. The meal portions were big and reasonably priced at $13.50.

1 Edmonton Train Food Experience La Petite Watson
Breakfast in the dining car “Mount Lefroy” built in 1909 by C.P.R

Before visiting, I would recommend calling to make a reservation. The owner prefers to know how many visitors to expect so she knows if she needs to bring in help.  Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 9 am until close at 2 pm. They also serve dinner in the evening over the weekends. Keep in mind that they are only open from May to October.

1 Edmonton Train Food Experience La Petite Watson

Explore the yard’s mini museums

After brunch, we headed out into the yard to explore the different collections on display. First, we looked over the barbed wire area, which featured many different styles starting from the 1860’s. Then we wandered over to the colourful insulators display. As a kid, I used to find these in the woods with my dad. I have always loved the green and blue colours of the insulators. At my wedding, I used some as table decorations. The backyard’s most photogenic collection are the many train cars! From the dining car where we ate, the B&B cars you can stay overnight in, to the ones on display in the backfield, there are train cars everywhere!

Edmonton Train Food Experience La Petite Watson
Exploring & taking photos in “Guy Wall” dining car built in 1929

Exploring the side roads

A countryside road trip is not complete without exploring some back roads! After we finished at the Footloose Caboose, we opened up google maps to see if anything was close by. We saw that Miquelon Lake was near. Following google’s instructions, we took a few right turns and then a couple dirt roads later we found ourselves a bit lost, on the wrong side of the lake and at the entrance to someone summer camp. Luckily for us, the lovely older gentleman that lived there gave us some country directions to the lake’s entrance. We turned around, drove down the road, took a left, took a left, at the paved road took a left, then a few more lefts later we had arrived at our destination. What a beautiful provincial park! The lake is not meant for swimming but is perfect for sitting beside the sandy beach and enjoying the breeze coming across the water. Along the park are some great hiking trails and a campground.  Finding this lake on our road trip was a nice surprise. I am excited to do more summer road trips and see what else we can find!

Edmonton Train Food Experience La Petite Watson

What places or things have you randomly stumbled upon on a road trip? Let me know in the comments below or tweet at me here.

Edmonton Train Food Experience La Petite Watson
JC, Courtenay, & me standing in front a Caboose you can stay overnight at.

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Edmonton Train Food Experience La Petite Watson

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