Calgary Food Getaway La Petite Watson

A Calgary Food Getaway with an Escape Room Adventure

Over the May long weekend, JC and I went on a Calgary food getaway to enjoy good food with good friends. The main event was a tea party celebrating the Royal wedding hosted by Ellena. For the rest of our visit, we explored Calgary, eating all the delicious food our stomachs could handle, with Ellena and her husband Kevin.

Calgary Food Getaway La Petite Watson

Royal Tea Wedding Event

Saturday morning we put on our finest dresses in preparation for an afternoon of tea hosted at Ellena’s new house. Her place was Royal Tea Party ready in true Ellena style and everything on the table was provided by The Travelling Teacups. Her dining table was professionally set up with a white tablecloth accented by a gold runner. There were classic English tea place settings for each guest. Their packages range from single china set rentals to catering a full tea party. As all of the guests were bringing food, Ellena booked the china set rental only at 18$ a person. Everyone brought a mix of sandwiches and treats including; Ollia Macarons, maraschino cherry cream cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, whipped lemon dessert, fresh home-smoked salmon, and even pineapple cut into little crowns.

Calgary Food Getaway La Petite Watson

Getting to watch the PVR’d Royal wedding was fantastic! It meant we could sleep in, have the tea party around noon, watch all the fancy people arrive at the event, fast forward through the commentary, and watch the best parts of the wedding! It was such a great afternoon of tea, good conversation, and wedding-watching with all of us looking smashing wearing our fasteners.


Calgary Food Getaway La Petite Watson


This place had a rustic vibe to it. Our table was beside the doors opening up to their patio. It was a perfect spot to sit; we got a light breeze from outside while still getting to enjoy the atmosphere inside. Behind me, they had a wall decorated with dull dark cleavers. On my left, the restaurant extended down with dimly lit Edson lights. Opposite to the row of tables was a rich dark wood bar. This place is known for their sliders and drinks. Ellena and I each got three sliders to share and JC got the Lamb chops with Korma dip. For sliders, I definitely recommend getting the Matcha Mushroom, Duck, and Lamb. The Crab slider came out looking super cool but it was a bit greasy for my taste. For drinks, JC got Don’s Request, Ellena ordered Dose of Original Sin, and the bar made me a great mocktail that was Pineapple Citrus.


Calgary Food Getaway La Petite Watson Lea St John


We wandered down to Calgary’s Chinatown to walk off a bit of our dinner before getting dessert. Following Google maps, it took us about 30 mins. We could not see the ice cream shop sign from the street, but we could smell their waffles! Happy people with big smiles holding cones filled the hallway in front of its entrance. It looked like we had just missed a rush. At the counter, I let them know what type of cone I wanted, paid, and they gave a fish-shaped ticket to take down to the end. I got to choose between red bean or Nutella in my cone base and a flavour of soft serve. I got a fish-shaped waffle cone with Nutella and UBE (purple yam) PANDAN (sweet leaf) swirl. For my toppings, I asked the ice cream server to make it look pretty. She made it look epically beautiful, topping my cone with delicious looking ingredients; she knew the way to my heart. After we got outside with our fish shaped waffle cones, the line had filled up with 15 people. It was a busy place but so worth the visit. Each lick was delightful!


Calgary Food Getaway La Petite Watson

A/Maze Escape Room

We found this escape room in an old tall brick building and took the stairs down into the basement. Their dimly lit lobby was decorated with antiques. It really set the scene for the escape room we were about to do, Tesla’s Study. I will not give away any hints about this room but the mechanics of getting to use a real antique switchboard and rotary phone was awesome! Everything in this room felt authentic, as it was mostly adorned with antiquities. We did not escape, but it stands as one of my favourite escape rooms to date. I will definitely be back to try their others.


Calgary Food Getaway La Petite Watson

Deluxe Diner

On Sunday, we checked out this place for brunch. I would recommend making a reservation as this place was packed upstairs, downstairs, and on the patio. Their breakfast menu is extensive, ranging from lighter options to eggs benedict, with a standard of rosemary hash browns on the side with the option to make it a breakfast poutine. JC got eggs benedict with grilled tomatoes and Canadian back bacon. I got the stuffed French toast with brie and substituted back bacon for regular crispy bacon. They might not call it a sandwich, but it sure looked like the most epic breakfast sandwich I have ever had. We each got a fresh hot cup of Calgary’s own Sebastian coffee. It was exactly what I was looking for with my breakfast!

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