Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona, La Petite Watson

Discover More Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona

Last year, I explored Old Strathcona looking for Edmonton made ice cream and gelato. I created a list of them here, ‘Visit Old Strathcona & Discover 5 Made in Edmonton Ice Creams. Here we are a year later and the summer heat is back! My search for ice cream is never ending and a few new places have popped up in my neighbourhood. I’ve built on last year’s list; keep reading for more Edmonton ice cream in Old Strathcona.


Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona, La Petite Watson

If you are looking for a pint of ice cream to take home, visit Blush Lane Organic Market on Whyte Ave for 7 different kinds of Pinocchio Ice Cream. This family company has been making ice cream in Edmonton for the last 35 years. Their products can be found all over Edmonton in stores and restaurants. We chose a pint of Chocolate Hazelnut to take home. Made from Alberta cream, it was smooth, light, and very chocolatey!

Note: It was gluten-free!


FanFan Pâtisserie

Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona, La Petite Watson

This little French café packs a big punch with their made-in-house gelato & sorbet flavours. They offer 9 types of gelato and 14 different sorbets. They sell it by the scoop or in take-home containers. We got two scoops of Carrot Cake and one scoop of Lemon Meringue gelato. Each dish had a smooth texture with bursts of flavour mixed in. The Carrot Cake had ribbons of caramel with little bites of cake. The Lemon Meringue was filled crunchy bits of pie crust with lemon. There is not much room to sit in the cafe. With the warm weather, we took our gelato with us and walked along the Avenue enjoying every morsel.

Note: All their sorbets are dairy and gluten free! Sometimes they have large macaroon ice cream sandwiches.



Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona, La Petite Watson

Say hello to the new ice cream shop on Old Strathcona’s block! This locally owned and operated shop is little in size and big on creativity and flavour! All their ice cream is soft serve and made in-house with authentic ingredients. The business got its start through a crowdfunding campaign with tons of social media sneak peaks of their colourful cones. When I found out their shop was going to be only a few blocks from my apartment, I could barely contain my excitement! On my first visit, I got a Mangga (mango) & Milo (chocolate malt) swirl in a regular fresh waffle cone. The end of the cone was stuffed with marshmallow to prevent drippage – so smart! The Mangga had a rich mango taste that paired perfectly swirled in with the Milo, which was the featured flavour. It’s crafted from Nestle Milo Chocolate Malt Drink Mix and was a throwback to the owner’s childhood breakfast. I’m not sure if they will introduce it as a standard flavour, so if you see it on the menu try it while it lasts.

Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona, La Petite Watson

On our next visit, I brought my parents who were visiting from New Brunswick. We all decided to try their black charcoal waffle cones. My cone, filled with Ube (purple yam) & Buko (young coconut) swirl, looked picture perfect. It was delightfully sweet and coconutty. JC got Saging (banana) that tasted true to a fresh ripe banana. My parents were unsure about having flavours different than their regular chocolate or vanilla. 10 seconds after getting their cones, dad already had his gone and mom was sporting a big smile. The creative flavours and black waffles cones are parents approved!

Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona, La Petite Watson

Note: They also sell different types of ice cream sandwiches made with cookies, pan de sal (Filipino bun), and doughnuts (called a milky bun). I got my milky bun filled with yummy Mangga!

Tip: keep an eye on their Instagram account to see when the doughnuts, cookies, and pan de sal are available.


Where are your favourite ice cream places in the city? Comment below or tweet at me here

If you haven’t read my post, Visit Old Strathcona & Discover 5 Made in Edmonton Ice Creamsclick here and learn about other places to enjoy local frosty treats in Old Strathcona.

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Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona Map, La Petite Watson

Want to do an Ice Cream Hop in Old Strathcona?

Check out my map below to see all of the locations I featured on both lists. Click the map to see an interactive Google map.

Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona map, La Petite Watson

Suggested ice cream path;

  1. Yelo’d soft serve
  2. Da Capo Gelato
  3. Blush Lane Organic Market for some Pinocchio Ice Cream
  4. Situation Brewing Company for some Revolution Ice Cream Co. (or order it online from Spud)
  5. Old Strathcona Antique Mall for some Foothills Creamery
  6. FanFan Pâtisserie Gelato & Sorbet
  7. Block 1912 Gelato
  8. Famoso for some DaVinci Gelato

 P.s. I found my new favourite ice cream flavour at Yelo’d’s Grand Opening today (July 15). Pinya (pineapple), every lick is luxurious!

Edmonton Ice Cream in Old Strathcona, La Petite Watson

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