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Exclusive Canadian Ganong Chocolates You Need to Taste

Generations of Canadians have grown up enjoying and sharing divine Ganong chocolates with family and friends. In fact, Ganong has been a staple in New Brunswick since 1873, making the company only 6 years junior to Canada’s birth. Their chocolate factory has been central the town of St. Stephen since the beginning. The old original brick factory, which is now home to the Ganong Chocolatier and Chocolate Museum, sits prominently on the main street (Milltown Blvd).

 Ganong Chocolates

Visit the Chocolatier to try these exclusive Chocolates

Only the Truffles have been stylishly hand dipped.

Choose your favourite truffle; Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Lemon, Dark Coffee, or Chicken Bone.

The only hand-dipped Truffle that is covered in fondant is their Coconut Bonbon’s

Ganong’s bark is broken up and sold by weight; White Almond, Milk Almond, Dark Almond, and Dark Chocolate Chicken Bone.

Two of my favourite chocolates that only sold here are; Chocolate Covered Real Gingerroot and Dark Cinnamon Crunch (chocolate covered Chicken Bones).

Ganong Chocolates

Ever since I was little, having a dad who works at the chocolate factory has been a point of pride for me. After he got home from work the house always smelled of cherries, marshmallows, or chocolate; depending on what they were putting through the machine that night. I loved getting to visit the Chocolatier, looking through the glass at the delectable delights, and choosing my favourite pieces to take home. Visiting the Chocolatier has turned into a tradition that I do every time I visit my hometown.

Ganong Chocolates

Fast Facts about Ganong’s

  1. A festival all about chocolate was launched in 1984 by Ganong’s and the town. Visit during the first week of August to take part in the fun.
  2. At the Chocolate Museum, you can watch the chocolatey goodness in action in the hand-dip studio.
  3. It is the oldest chocolate company in Canada that is still family owned and operated.
  4. They invented the Chicken Bone in 1885; a pink cinnamon candy filled with dark chocolate that Canadians treasure at Christmas time.
  5. Pal-o-mine is one of the oldest chocolate bars that is still being produced today, invented in 1920.

Ganong Chocolates

If you want to try Ganong Chocolates for yourself, but are not able to visit St. Stephen you can purchase Chicken Bones, Pal-O-Mine, and boxes of their chocolates in your local grocery store.

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Exclusive Canadian Ganong Chocolates You Need to Taste on La Petite Watson in St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada

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