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India Hotel Tips from a Canadian Tourist

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Last summer I visited India for the first time. It was a short trip, although if I am being honest, is any vacation ever really long enough? I was there for a close friend’s wedding. We stayed 2 nights in Delhi at an Airbnb and then travelled to Vadodara where we spent six nights between two different hotels. The first hotel in Vadodara was smaller, catering towards local business people and tourists. The second hotel, where the wedding took place, was much larger with enough space to host several weddings at one time in their different banquet halls. They also offered many amenities and attracted international tourists. We enjoyed staying at all three accommodations. They offered very similar experiences to staying at Canadian hotels, with a few differences. Keep reading my India Hotel Tips to learn what those differences are.

India Hotel Tips

Above is the first hotel we stayed in

In East Indian hotels;

1.    So many different light switches

Throughout the rooms, sets of switches decorated the walls. Each one controlled different lights, sockets, and some we still aren’t sure what they turned on. These switches help keep usage and costs low. Just remember when you are charging your phone, to flick the switch and give power to the socket.

2.    There’s no “Do Not Disturb” sign

Instead of a sign, there should be a labelled switch on the wall by the entrance or beside the nightstand. Be careful not to accidentally press it if you want the room cleaned or are ordering room service.

3.    Wifi?

Yes, it is normally included, but you will probably have to ask the front desk for it. It is not given automatically.

4.    Hair dryers do not come standard

I know it is a hot country; I let the temperature do the work for me. For those fancy nights out sometimes a lady just needs to dry, style, and get her hair done quickly. A hair dryer really helps with that. If your hotel room in India has one, awesome! Only one of the places I stayed did. If you check in and cannot find one, always try at the front desk, but there are no guarantees that they will have one.

5.    Where are the face cloths?

Do you need more bath and hand towels for the room? Not a problem! Face cloths, however, are rare. I did not mind, I just used the extra hand towel. If you prefer to wash your face at the end of the day with a face cloth, you might want to bring one from home.

6.    No extra toilet paper

Yes, there is toilet paper. No, there is not any extra rolls hidden in the room. The sizes of the rolls there are smaller and end up being used faster. Just ask for more before the roll is close to being finished. Nothing good happens if you wait too long to ask for another roll.

7.    Complimentary bottled water, please?

Yes, it is provided but it is not always complimentary. Sometimes you will find bottles in your room or they will ask if you would like some sent up. Just inquire if it is complimentary or if it is being charged to the room. Either way, drink up, it’s hot, and the water is cheap.

8.    Late checkouts are allowed

In Canada, I rarely get late checkouts. The hotels always take a stand against them. In India, I checked out late twice at noon and once at 2 pm. I just asked the front desk, and they said “no problem”. It was so easy. Everyone here is relaxed and running on local time.

India Hotel Tips La Petite Watson

The photo above is from inside the second hotel we stayed in. 

Have you visited India? Where did you stay? What differences did you notice from North American accommodations? Share your India Hotel Tips in the comment section below or tweet at me here.

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