Fashion feature Saturday – WCFW 2016

Saturday’s night was the most glamorous of them all at Western Canada Fashion Week (WCFW) in Edmonton this week.


All of Saturday night’s Western Canada Fashion Week show was, Amazing!


Nina Nayema necklaces were layered and some hung down the back and every model rocked the shoes.


Africastyle Fashion both men and women styles were highlighted by colorful patterns. I loved the look of light weight material.


Tishynah Buffalo Designs had bold patterns & combined soft and strong fabrics. The bead work on the necklaces and earrings were my favorite accessories of the night.

Tounkara had a contrast of light summer dresses in vivid colors with necklaces that had strong cuts to them that added nicely to the patterns.

Shankar Couture’s sparkle and glitter looked great on the runway. Each dress had its own detailed pattern done with bead work.

Creations Youd rocked it with beautifully patterned hoods. The flowing capes made an entrance – I need one!


I can’t wait to see more shows this week!

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