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Eight Edmonton Hot Drinks Perfect for the Winter

Every winter I explore Edmonton’s winter festivals including Ice on Whyte, All is Bright, and the Flying Canoe Volant. The snow makes the festivals seem so much more magical. I always dress as warm as I can but because I am not built for winter, my legs and fingers go stiff and sore. So, after all the outdoor fun we warm ourselves up with a hot drink. I figured I am not the only one looking for a cure to cold fingers so I have made a list of Edmonton hot drinks perfect for the winter.

La Boule Patisserie & Bakery Inc. – Tea Misto

Edmonton hot drinks La Boule Patisserie & Bakery Inc.
Tea Misto with a Florentine cookie

Warm up at this chic café with a cup of Tea Misto. Choose any tea from their wall as a base for your drink. I went with a classic Earl Grey with a shot of vanilla. This is my favourite way to drink tea, topped with a layer of velvety steamed milk.

Reinette Café & Patisserie – Reinette Latte

Edmonton hot drinks Reinette Café & Patisserie
Reinette Latte in the green cup and Dark Hot Chocolate in the blue cup

Tucked in Millwoods is the French café, Reinette Café. The Reinette Latte is their signature drink made with molasses. It has a dark rich flavour with a hint of molasses. This drink reminds me of gramma’s kitchen filled with the smell of fresh baked molasses cookies.

Cally’s Teas – Indian Summer Herbal Tea (Now Closed)

Edmonton Hot drinks Cally's Teas

This cozy café on Whyte Ave feels warm and welcoming as you enter. All different kinds and varieties of teas decorate the walls. We got a pot of Indian Summer Herbal Tea; it was light, refreshing, and had notes of fennel and hibiscus. I always feel elegant drinking from vintage English teacups with saucers and eating little cookies.

(Closed Summer 2018)

Let Eat Snow – Mint White Hot Choco

Edmonton Hot Drinks Let Eat Snow

If Unicorns wanted hot chocolate, they would go to Let Eat Snow. Filled with silky smooth white chocolate and mint, this beautiful drink is topped with sprinkles and whipped cream. When I drank it, I felt like a princess in a fairy tale.

Mandolin Books and Coffee Company – Red Symphony

Edmonton hot drinks Mandolin Books and Coffee Company

I feel instantly relaxed at Mandolin drinking out of a locally crafted mug surrounded by walls of books. Their Red Symphony is a stylish Rooibos tea. They take a shot of Rooibos, add white-hot chocolate syrup, steamed milk, and top it with whipped cream. The Rooibos has a rich flavour and the white chocolate gives this drink its sweetness.

Regrub – Tasty Balls Hot Chocolate

Edmonton hot drinks Re:grub

This place is the King of Epic! Packed with so much goodness their Hot Chocolates should be classified as a dessert. Tasty Balls has a tower of whip cream decorated with Ferrero Rocher balls dripping with sugar syrup sitting on a cookie covering the hot chocolate drink.

The WoodRack Café – Caramel Apple Cider

Edmonton hot drinks Woodrack cafe

This woodsy café serves up my favourite classic winter drink in style. A pottered mug is filled to the brim with apple and spice goodness topped with whip cream, caramel drizzle, and garnished with a stick of cinnamon. Holding this warm mug in front of you, surrounded by the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg, is the best way to warm up.

The Tea Girl – Homemade Eggnog Chai (Now Closed)

Edmonton Hot Drinks Tea Girl

This café has a great selection of teas, lattes, and they even have some festive alcoholic versions of both. I ordered a Homemade Eggnog Chai; they just made a fresh batch of chai concentrate from scratch and I had to try it. The rich creaminess of the eggnog was delightful and it balanced really well with the chai spices. I enjoyed the subtle and relaxing aroma of cloves and seasonal spices as I happily sipped away.

Edmonton winters are cold and snowy, making it the perfect environment for frosty outdoor fun! Whether you go ice skating, snowshoeing, sledding, star gazing, strolling down Candy Cane Lane, or visiting one of the many festivals, it’s always made better with a hot drink after.

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