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Hello, I am Lea St John an Edmonton Alberta Travel Blogger.

Originally from the East Coast, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 2010. Locally I explore and enjoy Edmonton & Alberta’s foods, festivals, and events with my handsome husband Jean-Claude.

I love exploring life’s vibrant experiences through travel. My passion has always been to travel and discover what makes each destination unique. This led me to get my Bachelor of Applied Management in Hospitality and Tourism.

As much as I love going to faraway destinations, it’s especially important to love where I live. Being a tourist is not something I just do on vacation, I embrace it in my city and province too. Finding new places to eat and explore keeps me feeling inspired. I think being a tourist in your own town is important and I love helping others discover their own city in a new light. Want to Love Where You Live? Check out my with easy steps you can take to Live like a Tourist by clicking here OR try my Live Like a Tourist 5-week Challenge Click Here.

Over the years, I have worked with various historical societies, festivals, events, and attractions across Canada. I now work as a Buyer at an Industrial Construction company and fuel my passion for travel through this blog. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and write about both regular and gluten-free options at restaurants.

On Friday afternoons you will usually find me relaxing at a cafe, enjoying treats (gluten-free) and brainstorming ideas.

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La Petite Watson focuses on local staycations with sprinkles of food experiences and short international adventures.

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*I only feature things on La Petite Watson that I fully believe in and enjoy. This site is my virtual way of sharing great ideas and information over coffee with friends.

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  • Alouise Dittrick , Direct link to comment

    Hi Lea. I’m from Edmonton, but spent a couple years living in Ireland. Now I’m back in Edmonton (well living in Leduc) and there’s so many new things and events that have popped up in Edmonton. There are lots of new restaurants, stores, etc. that have opened since I left and I’m looking forward to discovering them. I always love following along with Edmonton-area bloggers.

    • Explorer , Direct link to comment

      Hello Alouise! Yes, I agree there is so much to do in Edmonton. This city always has so much going on! Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to comment. I love getting to hear from other people who enjoy exploring Edmonton. If you are interested in seeing what else I am up to or chatting more you can find me on Instagram here. Looks like you had tons for fun in Ireland!

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